Are You Anorexic

Are You Anorexic

Are You Anorexic

Are You Anorexic : How many times did your mother tell you to sit up straight, roll your shoulders, and stand up straight? Does she expect you to be that way?

비아그라 구매 How many times did your physical appearance provoke those immediate, masked responses? A belly that didn’t arches under gravity let alone the extra five pounds she had to carry around? How about the way she tweaked your hair? Did that cause you to join a weight loss organization?

–When did you last dare to bite the bullet and acquire a dental appointment? What is the one thing that could make all the difference for your masking fat body? Do you even know she has braces she needs to get taller?

What is the one thing you are missing out on that you know would make things better? Would you choose a life that has no chance of you showing your body discomforts?

Imagine living in a world where people laugh at the sight of your straight butts. They make fun of you. Society looks on us as though we are the crazy one. What would you do about it? Would you embrace it and make the most of it?

The world reacts to our perceived defects. It tries to make us the butt of jokes. It causes us to lose our self esteem and self confidence, and the loss of it leads to eating disorder, depression, anxiety etc.

Imagine if you can do something about your life and stop the Hispanics from making fun of you, black people from making fun of you, rich people from making fun of you, men from rubbing their overweight parts on you  ( Except You, of course)

What would you do and how would you start making a change today for the better?

You have a solution, doesn’t it? Here’s the specifics:

1. Stop giving in to and further aggravating your weight problem.2. Start exercising every day.3. Make a commitment to start the desired weight loss program (It’s not a guarantee, you’re not   guaranteed to lose that much, it’s more likely if you persist)4. Adopt the healthy habits of your friends and family, and more importantly, alter your eating habits.

Theimize people around you. Change the people you associate with to healthier options. Set yourself down “…I’m off McDonalds, I’m off salad, I’m off these other unhealthy options” and forever change the option you make into something desirable. When people are not with you it’s harder to make change, but when you’re around healthier people it’s all natural. This is where having support can be invaluable. No matter how much you try alone you still can’t overcome , it’s the Strength, the Help, the Role models that will enable you to pull your weight. How many times have you said “I wish somebody would remind me what to do next?” It’s inevitable that you’ll forget, but the Strength and the Success will always be there to be recalled. Are You Anorexic

You’ll achieve the strong and resilient person you’ve always wanted, your mind and body will thank you.

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