Founder and CEO

From 2003 to present, Sauveur Blanchard serves in the United States Army.  He learned valuable lessons about leadership and adversity — lessons that changed his life and later started immersing into the business world, and discovered the financial void that veterans transitioning face from the military to business life.  He realized that there was an entirely new mindset when it comes to business and when you're surrounded by the right people, doing the right things, and have access to the right resources. 

Sauveur is extremely passionate and love what he does, helping his fellow's brothers and sisters getting what they want.  He knows that military members, veterans need tremendous help when it comes to continuing their service, but what he's also finding out is that they're looking for new ways to make more money. With Support Warrior Project, he can now help them begin a new journey, a journey that will never stop paying them, and a journey that they are in control of, entrepreneurship.

The Army gave him powerful tools, instilled discipline, dedication, commitment, and drive that he also bring to his profession. These are the same disciplines that all veterans possess. Veterans and military members are Leaders! Blanchard rose to the rank of corporal; he participated in 4 combat tours, and held a variety of positions such as Senior Instructor/Writer, Platoon Sergeant, Drill Sergeant, Squad and team leader.

Sauveur Blanchard serves as the Executive Director since founding the organization in 2015.  As an active duty member of the armed forces, he's taking a stand and helping military members, veterans fight for their business goals follow by a sincere compassion for the veteran community and operates from the service model "Never leave a fallen comrade".  With a wealth of experience as leading, mentoring, coaching, and helping others through challenging situations as well as hundreds of service men and women over his tenure in the military, Mr. Blanchard oversees the organization's fund raising and public relations activities.

This resource helps military members of all branches and veterans develop business career before or after they separate from the service.

*** Disclaimer: Sauveur Blanchard is a member of the U.S. Army. Use of his military rank, job titles, photographs, or video in uniform does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Army, the department of the Army, or the department of defense