Honoring our presidents who have served our nation with integrity, sound leadership and compassion on behalf of all Americans.

Today we honor our country's founding fathers and on this President's Day, we are as asking to show your patriotism and making an impact to aspiring military entrepreneurs, veterans and their families who are dreamers, doers by helping them harness their entrepreneurial spirit on the endeavors for which they believe will add significant value in the marketplace. Show your support by donating to Support Warrior Project, a nonprofit that provides a rigorous entrepreneurial support and development opportunity for service members interested in starting a new career, a new venture as a means to financial independence and for those who have an existing business for which they would like to increase profits


Steward of the Entrepreneurship Profession

Service members have experienced the frustration associated while preparing to leave the military and figuring out what is next. We at Support Warrior Project, we're enticed with an entrepreneurial spirit that is at the heart of the work to empower military members, veterans, retirees and their families with tools, resources, and work to break down barriers that stand in the way of starting and growing their businesses . To make an impact and removed barriers to military entrepreneurship, please visit and donate to our Military Entrepreneur Program: https://www.rally4.org//support-warrior-project

Steward of the Entrepreneurship Profession

Steward of the Entrepreneurship Profession

SUPPORT MILITARY ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Help launch the next generation of military entrepreneurs and innovators

The transition from military to civilian life is difficult. Following years of service, the future is often cloudy and uncertain for military members, veterans and families. Many return injured, many with limited skills, and many faced financial barriers to compete in today's competitive business environment. Our Military Entrepreneurship Program is working to change that. The program serves to teach, support military entrepreneurs by providing development services, who own or are interested in owning a business, the necessary support to succeed. The purpose is to give back to those who paid such a price for our freedom.

Support Military Entrepreneurship - MAKE AN IMPACT TODAY!

For more information about the Military Entrepreneurship Program, go to https://www.rally4.org//support-warrior-project or email us at info@supportwarriorproject.org

Support Military Entrepreneurship - MAKE AN IMPACT TODAY!

Support Military Entrepreneurship - MAKE AN IMPACT TODAY!

Superior Standard Apparel....a clothing brand made in standard

Honored to partner with Superior Standard. A clothing company that was created by those that serve, for those that serve. With 25 years of military experience, coupled with over 8 years of law enforcement experience. Those at Superior Standard know what it means to live the standard. They strive to create the best product for those that are on the front lines everyday. We need your help getting the word out so they can continue to grow. Follow them on Instagram @superiorstandard and visit they website below!!

Empowering military leaders to start a second career.

We are all-volunteer force that serves to protect the security and way of life, but we Service members are more than a fighting force. We are leaders, humanitarians and fellow Americans. Please support the men and women who serve, please enforce the bridge to possibility by giving and helping turned bricks into paper. www.supportwarriorproject.org/give-back/

MLK's Legacy of gratitude

Today we honor and remember a great man with a great dream. Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Remember his words, deeds and humanity. Let his courage, compassion, and legacy continue to inspire you in everything you do and want.