Freed and Reinstated


Every single U.S. Military Veteran, no matter their age, race, gender, political stance or preference takes an oath. An oath to defend the people of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic. That includes you and me, our children, our parents, our friends and neighbors.

Once a U.S. Military inmate has served his or her sentence, the time to re-enter society comes. This transition is very difficult regardless of the amount of time served. Many inmates that are released from prison has a high rate of re-offend and subsequently return to prison.

Returning to society after being incarcerated for many years is not easy. The most efficient way to assist individuals in staying out of prison, once they are released, is to properly prepare them before they are released. Our Freed and Reinstated (FAR) programs is focused on preparing military inmates to become contributing members of society they once served, see a future with transformation, restore hope, learn business skills, work on a plan to start, launch and grow their own businesses.

Some examples of preparation may include:

  • Teaching critical thinking skills such as goal setting, making positive, constructive choices to embrace their inherent creativity and ability to innovate so they can live moral, ethical, and legal again lives once released from prison.
  • Services to help find rental assistance and sustain permanent housing.
  • Services to connects with job resources, job training and find meaningful employment opportunities

Through grants and contributions, Support Warrior Project “Prison Entrepreneurship Program seeks to strengthen former uniformed members that were once called “Hero” by improving opportunities and life outcomes. We do not discriminate because “Our freedom” comes from their sacrifice as well.

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