Empowering values-based leaders back to the civilian world



The United States Military is great in creating leadership models to help military members of all ranks learn, understand, embrace and improve their leadership performance. Their model has six primary attributes and competencies: 

·         Character

·         Presence

·         Intellect

·         Leads

·         Develops

·         Achieves 

Helping U.S Military members to navigate professional development and career success inside and outside the military has been a top priority for Support Warrior Project. This mission was solidified with the creation and exploration of the Military Entrepreneurship Readiness program (MER), a program which educate, empower military members to translate their unique experiences and skills to the world of business.

Military Entrepreneurship Readiness program (MER) enables U.S. Military members, veterans and military spouses to identify their strengths and skills to define their brand, leverage proven career exploration, and translate their leadership abilities into a business context.

The program aims to equip service members with the entrepreneurial development services to obtain an ideal career in business, to gain a better understanding of themselves, their career goals, and how to begin the transition o the civilian.

We believe our Leaders has a small business dream inside, but most are afraid to start. We demystify ownership and make it easier to launch and run their small business.  Support Warrior Project wants to transform our young men and women into the fierce warriors they are today into the civilian superheroes they were meant to be by obtaining their new civilian “Identity” and new civilian “destiny” which is the core to what Business Owner On Day One is all about.

Support Warrior Project CEO and founder Sauveur Blanchard is an Active duty member of the United States Army providing an independent program on barriers affecting military entrepreneurs and veteran-owned small business from all segment of American society.