Our mission for our U.S. Military members

We are a web-based professional development platform for service members of all branches, both past and present that acknowledge and give them the support they need to explore business ownership. The organization's mission is to successfully transition military members, veterans and their spouses through the provisions of entrepreneurial education and business development services. 

"Enter to serve, leave to build."




Dear Prospective Sponsors and Partners,

Each month, more service members leave the military and join the civilian world. Transitioning can be a daunting task for them. Prior the time a veteran is discharged, they prepare and plan for transition. Their priority shifts to securing a new permanent living situation, and securing employment. Employment is the glue that binds the transition process. Unfortunately, many service members have a difficult time finding employment after exiting the military. To this end, some are looking for an opportunity, turn to service members by starting their own business.

Our goal at Support Warrior Project (SWP) is to help start a second career successfully from the military life (Merit Skills) to a business owner. We are more than just a “ training or a resource program ”, we are a group of military members who understand barriers to starting a business, which goes beyond just military life and combat.

Our business model is based upon the premise that Americans will support a military/veteran-owned business. In an effort to help veterans, active service members of all branch and their families with sound, seamless transition and business opportunities, SWP was built to compliment the strong leadership attributes they obtained through their military career.

We’re looking for motivated, dedicated sponsors and partners who share our dream and understand the concept of service, sacrifice. We’re taking this opportunity to invite you to make a tangible and significant difference for veterans of all eras – to sponsor SWP annual Military Entrepreneurship Readiness program (MER), service members are a unique addition to any growth environment as they not only satisfy diversity recruitment goals, but arrive with phenomenal leadership skills, are seasoned followers, team players, and have a wealth of proven technical, social and personal balance skills. SWP is dedicated to leveraging and supporting these skills to strengthening their families and community networks. We operate our business according to values and principles that we feel are essential to success.

Business ownership is more than just being an entrepreneur! It’s networking, connecting, educating yourself, and most importantly, it’s not doing it alone. Like you, we know the feeling.

Warmest regards,


A team to serve you

Leadership, passion, tenacity, perseverance, and resiliency are the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. We ensure you're able to put them to use when building your business.


Our History

With the ongoing global war on terror, Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan returned home to a shaky economy, with those who served our country facing much worse unemployment rates than the general population due to the difficulty of transitioning into civilian life. As that economy takes a turn toward prosperity, Support Warrior Project was incorporated in 2015 and founded by a handful of active duty military members who wanted to works towards the welfare and benefit of business life for uniformed services of all branches members - including active components, Reserves, National Guard, and all retirees; We aim to provide both and long-term business support nationwide.

Our Vision

As a non-profit for vets, by vets, our success is measured not by a balance sheet for shareholders but by how many lives we can improve through our programs and services. Our proactive stance--providing business education, business structures, financial service and advocating business ownership. It may not end the epidemic crucial step in the process of launching and growing a business among the military/veteran community but can turn the bridge to possibility for one military and one veteran at a time.

How SWP accomplished its mission

1. Business Ownership Advocacy

Advocate nationally by providing a path for the military and veteran communities to enhances the overall readiness with the services needed to either start/launch or expand a business and reduce that financial barriers.

2. Community Outreach

Foster responsible business ownership in the military and veteran communities by providing entrepreneurship education through flexible learning online and on-campus on such topics as coursework in management, marketing/branding, entrepreneurial finance, and the legal aspects of entrepreneurship.

3. Veteran Job Creation

By collaborating with organizations, public universities, business structures and financial service sectors that focus to unique opportunities that them to apply their expertise and leadership skills to real world projects that correlate with their military experience.

Who We Serve

Our organization is for service members who are serving or who have successfully transitioned to civilian life and have a clear picture of their career goals.

Our military entrepreneurship program is designed for service members, veterans, and military spouses who are interested in starting or who have an existing early stage business by creating employment opportunities, and contributing back to their communities.

Support Warrior Project acknowledges that military men and women come back home as highly trained professionals and leaders with experience in challenging environments, and as such they have unique potential to be successful entrepreneurs.