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Do you have the drive and skills to start your own business, but are not quite sure on how to initiate everything?  Our professional services will set you up for success.


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Support Warrior Project provides a range of services that are relevant to every stage of the small business life cycle to arm veteran entrepreneurs with a wealth of information on building a new business or existing through their compliance challenges.

We help companies incorporate, and many other entity types as registered agent for thousands of U.S businesses, making sure that our veterans always receive their legal and business critical documents quickly and securely. Our formation services are available everywhere in the United States.

The program is offered to eligible veterans, active service members, retirees, and spouses. These resources and costs are entirely free and are currently underwritten by individuals and corporations as part of their extensive collaboration with Support Warrior Project to leverage to start or grow your own businesses.

Our programs exist specifically to help veterans like you with the process of transitioning from service member to business owner, so your personal and professional growth never stops. Our business startup services are designed to ensure your business is operating efficiently and legally. We can assist with the following:

  • Business Formation Services in All 50 States
  • Registered Agent Service
  • EIN Registration
  • Domain Names & Web Hosting
  • Logo and Web Design
  • Setting up Business Emails
  • Corporate Credit Building Program
  • Business Cards
  • Business Consulting Services
  • Toll-Free Phone Number
  • And more...

Entrepreneurship Program Eligibility

The program is designed for those:

Service members (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard to include the Federal Reserves and State National Guard) must be on active duty, honorably discharged, retired or medically retired. This includes the current spouse of any veteran, any Reservist or National Guard member; widowed spouse of a service member who died while in service.  The following document must be accompanied and submitted as evidence of your eligibility at

  • A business plan to include a discussion of the company with a Non-Disclosure Letter
  • Copy of driver’s license for each owner with a 20% or greater ownership
  • Honorably discharged*
  • Veteran must provide a legible copy of form DD 214, which is provided for other than dishonorably discharged veterans.
  • Service-Disabled Veteran: Copy of form DD 214 or documentation from the DVA.
  • Transitioning Active Duty Military Member: DD Form 2, U.S. " Armed Forces Identification Card, or DD 2648-1 (Reserve Component member).
  • Reservist and National Guard: DD Form 2, Armed Forces of the United States Identification Card.
  • Current Spouse of Transitioning Active Duty Military Member or current Reservist/National Guard member: DD Form 1173, Department of Defense Guard Reserve Family member Identification and evidence of status as the current spouse (Marriage Certificate).
  • Widow of Active Duty Service Military Member who died in service or Widowed Spouse of Veteran who died of a service connected disability: Documentation from DOD or form DVA clearly showing this to be the case (Death certificate, letter from funeral home, or published obituary).
  • In the event that the veteran's DD 214 is unavailable, a "Certification of Military Service (NA Form 13038) is an acceptable equivalent.
  • if you do not have your DD214, you may obtain it at this link:



  Please provide information about yourself and your project by registering below and then move on to your specific company type.



Choose your type of business below and complete the registration form.

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Business Credit


Business credit is having a credit under a legal business entity, such as a corporation or limited liability company. The business credit profile is much like a personal credit profile; however, the business uses a TAX ID number like that of an individual’s SSN.


Why do I need Credit?
Business credit is grown in a similar fashion and credit is scored on your credit accounts, payment activity and the overall credit worthiness of your business. scoring systems and ratings are provided by credit reporting bureaus such as Experian and Equifax as well as Dun and Bradstreet and follow similar principles as personal credit scoring. Although the business credit scoring has different ratings and scales, the fundamentals are the same; having a solid business entity that is well organized and established, creditors reporting positive payment activity and lenders reporting to the bureaus regularly will grow your company’s credit profile.

Establishing a good credit rating is an important financial priority for every business. Having good business credit means that owners of businesses can seek alternative financing for essential needs without having to extend their personal credit.

At some point in every business, owners will require financing. Some businesses require working capital loans. Some need to establish financing to build their businesses by financing their accounts receivables, restocking inventory, or investing in much needed capital equipment. Others may want to save money by taking advantage of trade discounts or purchase office supplies in bulk and unfortunately, the reality is that many businesses find themselves in situations where they need to utilize financing to make emergency repairs or pay for outstanding taxes and assessments.

What documents will I need to apply?

  • Copy of driver’s license for each owner with a 20% or greater ownership.
  • Articles of Incorporation, Partnership Agreement, Corporate Resolution, or Authority to Transact Business documenting authorization to borrow in the name of the applicant.
  • For Start-ups: A business plan to include a discussion of the company
  • DD 214; DD 2648-1; DD Form 2


Please complete our Business Credit Pre-Qualification Assessment questionnaire:


Franchise Financing

Franchising comes with a tried and tested business recipe, along with having the support and backing of a franchisor.


About Franchising
America is a country built on an entrepreneurial spirit. People have been coming here for hundreds of years to realize their professional dreams, in large part because the US is very small-business- friendly.

Owning a franchise is one of the ways one could be a business owner. Franchising comes with a tried and tested business recipe, along with having the support and backing of a franchisor. the principle of being in business for yourself but not by yourself is one that can play a huge role in job creation.

As a military veteran, owning a franchise you are tailored on making a big difference in your community by hiring and managing workforce. With a comprehensive “Business-To- Owner” focus, the franchise financing programs at Support Warrior Project, helps you with the requirement sets by world-class franchisor companies.

We offer more than just operational support to our veterans by providing multi-step financing assistance with our franchisee financing companies so that you’ll hone your skills and focus on starting or growing your business.


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